It’s alive!

Okay, so let’s see if I can do this properly.

Hey, everyone, this is Mia Nikander aka Neko McEvil. I am a 26-year-old Danish woman who is currently studying Comparative Literature. I love a lot of literature, but seem to especially gravitate around three F-words: Fantasy, feminism and Finnish. So don’t be too surprised if a lot of my reading and reviews reflect that.

I’ve wanted to start blogging about literature and books for a while, but never seemed to be able to find the right time. Then I realised that there will never be a “right time” so now I’m jumping into it. I will be doing all the literary analyses that pop into my brain as I am confronted with books in my curriculum or through library visits.

I also work as an editor, writer and social media manager for, which is a Danish site so unless you speak Danish you will probably not gain anything by going there. If you do, though, it is a great source for literature, contemporary as well as old stuff.



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